About Us

About Us


Our company, XYFER Inc. is a trading company established in 2017. Together with our sister company, Consolidated Robust Inc., we have been in the industry for 30 years. We offer products ranging from fire detection and alarm systems, security, and smart home products throughout the Philippines.

We are one of the exclusive distributors of Asenware Ltd.’s fire detection and alarm systems in the Philippines. We have a team of licensed and experienced engineers that are devoted to working with you to provide the solution that best suit your needs.


Using the highest ethical standards, XYFER is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction, quality service, and safe working condition. We are dedicated to developing and maintaining a long-term relationship with our customers through timely service, after- sales support, and fulfilling their needs.


XYFER Inc. strives to be the desired after-sales service and support for Asenware fire detection and alarm systems, and the major distributor for smart home products throughout the Philippines