100 Series Conventional Heat Detectors

SKU: 5151-CH

100 Series Conventional Heat Detector,135F Fixed Temperature/Rate of Rise

100 Series plug-in thermal detectors meet the needs for applications where rapid response is vital and rapid temperature increases would only be caused by a fire emergency. The detectors initiate an alarm in response to both rapid rate-of-rise conditions (in excess of 15°F per minute) and fixed heat (135°F). This enables the heat detector to communicate an alarm to the central control panel prior to reaching its fixed setpoint for high rates of rise, providing a timely response to both rapid and slow temperature increases.

Features & Benefits:
– Low standby current
– Two visible LEDs blink in standby and provide a 360° field viewing angle
– Detector head plugs easily into base
– Built-in test switch
– Wide variety of mounting bases with built-in shorting spring

– UL
– FM


System Sensor