ASM-16 Addressable Switch Module

SKU: 1100-0455

Switch Module, Addressable, Programmable, 24V DC

ASM-16 addressable switch modules serve as the point of interface between an operator and the system’s audio evacuation, firefighter intercom, and building control circuits. These modules are configurable switch input subassemblies with 16 switches and 48 status LEDs. They may be remotely located via the RS-485 serial interface. Each module has 16 pushbutton switches that can be programmed to serve any function the application demands. ASM-16 addressable switch modules can be programmed to operate as any of the following functions: speaker circuit switch, auxiliary control switch (using a bank of two switches), one switch each for on-off-auto functions, and firefighter phone switch.

Features & Benefits:

– All switch functions are fully software programmable
– Three indicating LEDs: red, yellow, and green
– LEDs can be programmed to work in concert with their associated pushbutton switch or they can be programmed to work independently as status indicators (for example, on, off, normal, etc.)
– Slip-in label inserts allow easily modified switch designations


– UL Listed: S1869
– UL Standard 864, 10th Edition
– UL 2572 2nd Edition for Mass Notification
– FM Approved: 3017416
– MEA FDNY: COA 231-06-E
– CSFM: 7165-1703:0125, 7165- 1703:0126
– City of Chicago Approved: Class 1, Class 2, High Rise
– the City of Denver Approved
– ISO 9001 Certification