Carbon Monoxide Detector-CO1224

SKU: C01224TR

CO1224 carbon monoxide (CO) detectors with Real Test® use a highly accurate and reliable electrochemical sensing cell to provide an early warning of dangerous CO levels. These detectors offer a code-required trouble relay to send a sensor failure or end-of-life signal to the control panel and the central station. The CO detectors also use SEMS-type terminal Philips-head screws for quicker and more positive wiring connections and code-required wiring supervision. With a low current draw, these detectors enable more devices to be connected to the panel, limiting the need to purchase extra power supplies or more expensive panels. With 12/24V DC, the CO detectors will operate on most industry security and fire alarm control panels. When the detector identifies dangerous amounts of CO in the area, the detector alerts residents with an audible Temporal 4 pattern and flashes an LED alarm indication. With 24/7 central station monitoring, residents are guaranteed protection whether they are away from home, sleeping, or already suffering from the effects of carbon monoxide. With Real Test® technology, the CO gas sensing cell can be tested using a CO gas agent. Simply put the detector into Real Test mode, spray a small amount of CO into the detector per the installation instructions, and within seconds the detector will alarm, indicating successful gas entry.

Features & Benefits:
– A 10-year end-of-life timer
– RealTest® enables a functional test using canned CO
– A code-required trouble relay
– Wiring supervision with SEMS terminals
– 12/24 VDC
– A low current draw
– Versatile mounting for wall and ceiling
– Accurate and reliable electrochemical sensing technology
– Optional CO-PLATE CO Detector Replacement Plate to upgrade previously installed competitor detectors to the CO1224T or CO1224A
– CO1224T tested up to 12,000 feet above sea level

– UL