Conventional reflective beam detector 5-100 m with reflector

Functional Features
Conventional reflective beam detector equipped with laser pointer and digital display for easy
alignment. The detector has 4 selectable distance ranges from 8 to 20 meters, from 20 to 40
meters, from 40 to 70 meters, from 70 to 100 meters, and also has 3 selectable sensitivity
ranges: 2.6db, 3.8db, 5.8db.
The detector works according to the principle of obscuring the reflected infrared ray.
Technical Features
• Power supply from 20V to 28V
• Standby current: 23mA alarm: 33mA
• White Abs Mechanics
• Size: 90,7×126,87×91,96mm
• Certifications LPCB/CE-CPR EN54-12 BS5839 part 1:2002
• Temperature -10°C +55°C
• Protection IP30