EN54-3 certified IP65 conventional siren with flashing light

Functional Features
The FDESF101 conventional siren with a neat design enriches the range of conventional Teledata devices.
Maximum performance managed by a microprocessor, 12 LEDs for excellent performance, 4 different
shades, 0.5Hz and 1Hz options, deep base lockable on the siren body, and a fire-resistant case.
Technical Features
• Rated supply voltage 24Vdc
• Alarm consumption @ 24Vdc <30.1mA
• Sound power 98dB
• Number of programmable tones 4
• Frequencies 600Hz-2800Hz
• Flashing light frequency 1Hz
• Flashing light color: red
• Humidity 5% – 95%
• Operating temperature -10°C a +55°C
• Case material red ABS
• Protection class IP65
• Certification EN54