Intillegent Detector Base Sounder


Intelligent Integrated Detector Base Sounder, Detector White

The KAC DB sounder is a high-quality 32-tone sounder featuring fast and simple installation and control and forms the perfect base for SS detectors. It is powered by the fire panel via the loop wiring. Control of the device is enabled using onboard switches some of which can also be adjusted through SS Advanced Protocol.

The device is installed simply by a twist fit onto the B501AP base. It utilizes the System Sensor B501AP base for improved installation flexibility and integrates seamlessly with SS intelligent detectors. When triggered by the fire panel its powerful sounder gives an audible warning

Features & Benefits:
– Faster and flexible installation
– Reduced install errors and easy fault finding
– Reduced full life costs with High-quality robust materials for longer life
– Reduced inventory count
– Excellent system performance
– High-efficiency piezo disk and horn profile generate excellent sound output
– Advanced protocol enabled controllable sound output, tone selection

– EN54-3
– VdS