LCD-80F Remote Annunciator


Annunciator, 80-Character Backlit LCD, 24VDC

LCD-80F remote annunciators are compact, cost-effective LCD remote annunciators for use with & Fire-Lite® & fire alarm control panels (FACPs). & These annunciators display complete system point status information and include control switches for remote control of critical system functions. Up to 32 annunciators may be connected to the EIA-485 terminal port of each FACP. They require no programming, which saves time during system commissioning.

Features & Benefits:

– 80-character backlit LCD
– Mimics all display information from the host panel
– Control switches for system acknowledge, signal silence, drill, and reset with enable key
– System status LEDs for power, alarm, trouble, supervisory, and alarm silenced
– Displays device type identifiers, individual point alarm, trouble or supervisory, zone, and custom alpha labels
– Time and date display field
– May be powered from the host FACP or by the remote power supply (requires 24V DC)
– Up to 32 annunciators per FACP
– Plug-in terminal blocks for ease of installation and service
– Can be remotely located up to 6,000 ft (1828.8 m) from the FACP


– UL Listed: S232
– MEA Listed: 72-01-E
– CSFM: 7120-1574:179
– FM Approved