Morley-IAS DXc Compact Mimic Expansion PCB

SKU: 020-910

DXc Expansion Mimic PCB: 18-30V DC: 0.5mA Max: -5C-45C Range: 1200 Boud Rate: 25x44x152mm

The DXc Compact Mimic allows geographic ‘floor map’ zonal indicators to be built for situations where increased clarity of the fire location is required above that given by standard numbered zonal indicators.

The Compact Mimic is an expandable system suitable for ‘standard’ or more complex applications where mimic displays are required in association with DXc fire control panels.

Features & Benefits:
– The Compact Mimic main board can display General Fault, General Disablement, Power OK (Mimic’s own power status), General Fire, TEST, Communication Fail State
– 16 LEDs or relay outputs configured to follow the fire and fault status
– provision for Evacuate
– Silence Sounders, Lamp Test, Mute Buzzer
– Reset pushbuttons and for a level 2 access key switch
– expandable with up to 9 additional expansion boards (020-910) each providing 16 additional LEDs or relay outputs
– maximum total of 160 configurable outputs

– Emissions: EN 50081-1
– Immunity: EN 50130-4
– Safety: EN 60950