MS Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel


Intelligent Addressable FACP, One SLC Loop, Includes 80-Character LCD Display

FireLite’s MS-9600LS(E) and MS-9600UDLS(E) are compact, cost-effective, intelligent addressable FACPs (Fire Alarm Control Panels) with an extensive list of powerful features. The combination of FireLite’s newer series devices and legacy 300 Series devices, along with the MS-9600LS(E) or MS-9600UDLS(E) FACP, offer the latest in fire protection technology. LiteSpeed™ is a patented technology that polls 10 devices at a time looking for new or different information. When new information is found at a specific address, the system polls that device several times for any new data. This improvement allows a fully loaded panel with up to 636 devices to report an incident and activate the notification circuits in under 10 seconds. With this polling scheme, devices can be wired on standard twisted, unshielded wire up to a distance of 10,000 feet per loop. Each Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) loop supports up to 159 addressable detectors including photoelectric, photoelectric with heat, beam, ionization, photoelectric duct, fixed heat, fixed heat with rate-of-rise, and fixed high-heat detectors. It also supports up to 159 addressable modules including monitor (two-wire detector, normally open devices), dual-monitor functions (two monitor circuits from one module, two addresses used), multi-monitor (multiple monitor circuits from one module, multiple addresses used), control (for Notification Appliance Circuits), and relay (two Form-C) modules.

Features & Benefits:

– Easy mount chassis.
– 7 amp switching power supply.
– Large enclosure allows 18 amp-hour batteries
– 2 plug-in communicator standards with MS-9600UDLS/E


– ULC: S624 (MS-9600LSC only- see DF-60438)
– CSFM: 7170-0075:217
– MEA: 87-08-E
– IBC 2012, IBC 2009, IBC 2006, IBC 2003, IBC 2000 (Seismic).
– CBC 2007