Addressed siren EN 54 3 with short-circuit isolator

Functional Features
Sound emission can be manually adjusted on the sounder itself. At the moment of activation, groups of sounders can be synchronized. Each sounder is provided with an integrated isolator circuit, that automatically takes action in case of need. Addresses can be programmed by means of the programmer or with the addressing function of Teledata smoke detection panels.

Technical Features
• Red plastic enclosure
• Provided with integrated isolator circuit
• Power supply: 19-30Vdc (per EN 54-3)
• Average power consumption: 120 μA
• Current consumption with operating sounder:
5-7mA (24V- line)
• Sounder output: 80 – 100dB
• Initiation tripping time: 2 sec
• IP degree: IP65
• Max. Cable cross-section 2.5 mm2
• Operating temperature: –10°C /+55°C
• Max. humidity.: 85% non-condensing
• Dimensions: diameter 100mm height 92mm
• Weight: 190g