System Sensor Fire Alarm Control Panel


Fire Alarm Control Panel, 230V AC, 0 to 49C, 360x422x122.8mm Front Facia, 1A Alarm Load max, 2 Zone

System Sensor Fire Alarm Control Panels are developed to provide a simple and reliable solution to meet the demands of today’s fire detection requirements. The panels are also been designed to meet the requirements of both installer and end user. The Fire Alarm Control Panel are suited for small to medium sized buildings like commercial buildings, banking, residential complexes, retail units/stores, shops, restaurants, healthcare, public offices and Schools etc.

A combination of quick installation, an enhanced feature set and advanced programming allows installers to quickly and simply meet the demands of the user. Equipped with configurable inputs, programmable relays, delay setting for alarm verification, software isolation of zone and NAC outputs, mapping of NAC to specific zones, password protections etc. provide wide variety of choice for system installers to customize the need of an end user. Engineered and built to the same high standard as all Honeywell Fire Control panels, this System Sensor panel forms an essential part of any fire detection requirement.

Features & Benefits:
– 16 X 2 character LCD Display
– Earth fault monitoring
– Zone wise Fire, Fault, and Disable indication
– Lamp Test and Walk Test facility
– Auxiliary output facility and Detection circuits
– Standby batteries


System Sensor