Full integrated monitoring station with Graphical Map for 12qty One Panels

Software to control and manage up to 12 TELEDATA panels

• Integrated multi-protocol multimedia software
• In a WINDOWS XP environment with interactive and user-friendly
graphic interface
• Remote control, remote management, and remote-programming
for all devices
• Up to 3 levels of integrated graphic maps for direct operations
• Hierarchic access password system
• Operator events log
• Message Exchange system integrated with the system
• Server-client structure with architecture on IP networks
• Point-to-point, multidrop, switched
• Operative on LAN WAN WIFI networks with TCP/IP protocol
• Multi-monitor management to
– View alarms and command sending and receiving statuses
– View dynamic graphic-maps
– View sensor symbols with graphic and sound status indication
– View graphic maps with integrated video streaming
– View video cameras in multiscreen mode
• Modular and scalable software
• Send and receive alarm events via SMS and MAIL
• Unique integrated database for event searching and analyses
• Customizable to suit all customer requirements
• Integrated database
• Able to manage subsystems of different producers with the
purchase of special modules for:
– Fire detection units, Burglar alarm units, Access control readers
and modules, Digital recorders, Video matrixes, Technological