2151 Photoelectric Smoke Detector

SKU: 2151-CH

Smoke Detector Head Photo/Thermal

The System Sensor low profile photoelectronic smoke detector is specifically designed to meet the performance requirements of the fire detection/alarm systems. The detector uses a state-of-the-art optical sensing chamber and is designed so that if the LED fails, it will not cause an alarm. The detector is designed to provide open area detection, and when installed in a two-wire base, is compatible with the Gamewell-FCI fire alarm control panels. The detector’s operation and sensitivity can be tested in place. The 2151 detector is designed with plug-in construction and plugs into the same base as the 1151 ionization smoke detector, making both models interchangeable. Bases are available for the following types of operation.

Features & Benefits:
– Built with a low-profile construction.
– Offers an easy plug-in of the head-to-base.
– Designed with a tamper-resistant feature.
– Includes a Test Switch.
– Shows a 360° view angle of the alarm LEDs.
– 0 Compatible with Gamewell-FCI control panels.
– Uses an audible sounder base (optional).
– Supports the field metering of detector sensitivity.
– Provides a removable insect screen and cover for field cleaning.
– Has an insect-resistant screening (020″/.508 mm openings).


System Sensor