BG-12 Series Fire Alarm Pull Station


Dual-Action Pull Station With SPST N/O Switch, Screw Terminal Connections, Key Lock

BG-12 Series fire alarm pull stations are designed to meet multiple applications with the installer and end user in mind. They feature a variety of models including single- and dual-action versions.

These pull stations provide an alarm-initiating input signal to conventional fire alarm control panels (FACPs). Its innovative design, durable construction, and multiple mounting options make these pull stations simple to install, maintain, and operate. The cover, backplate, and operation handle of these pull stations are all molded of durable polycarbonate material.

Features & Benefits:

– Aesthetically pleasing, highly visible design and color
– Meets ADA & five lb maximum pull-force
– Easily operated (single- or dual-action, model dependent), yet designed to prevent false alarms when bumped, shaken, or jarred
– PUSH IN/PULL DOWN handle latches in the down position to clearly indicate the station has been operated
– The word ‘ACTIVATED’ appears on top of the handle in bright yellow, further indicating the operation of the station
– Operation handle features white arrows showing basic operation direction for non-English-speaking persons
– Braille text included on the finger-hold area of the operation handle and across the top of the handle.
– Multiple hexes- and key-lock models available
– US patented hex-lock needs only a quarter-turn to lock/unlock
– The station can be opened for inspection and maintenance without initiating an alarm


– UL Listed: S692
– ULC Listed: S692
– CSFM Approved: 7150-0028:199
– FM Approved
– MEA Approved: 67-02-E &
– Meets UL 38, Standard for Manually Actuated Signaling Boxes
– Patented: US Patent No. D428,351- 6,380,846- 6,314,772- 6,632,108