Wireless electromagnetic lock

Functional Features
The FDWD100 wireless electromagnetic lock is compatible with Teledata radio receivers
FDW2W and radio expansions FDWE100.
The radio signal processing algorithms combined with the latest magnet technology
guarantees the highest level of safety and reliability.
Technical Features
• Frequency range: 868-870MHz
• Max. Radio power: 14dBm(25mW)
• Channels number: 7
• Communication range: <200m (in open air)
• Size: 90x135x54mm
• Batteries: 2xCR123
• Weight: 740g
• Temperature: -10°C/+55°C
• Max humidity: 95%RH
• Degree of protection IP30
• Magnet Force: 200N
• Batteries average duration: 5 years
• BS EN 1155: electrically powered hold open devices
• BS EN 7273-4:2015: actuation of release mechanism for doors