InnovairFlex™ 2D51 Duct Smoke Detector

SKU: 2D51

Photoelectric Smoke Detector for use with Innovairflex 4-wire duct smoke detector housings or pendant mount applications

2D51 duct smoke detectors are low-profile photoelectric detectors designed for special applications, specifically for use in no-flow or low-flow air-handling systems (0 to 4,000 fpm). The pendant or plenum-mounted 2D51 detectors are intended to be installed into B210LP bases and wired to D4P120 power board-only control units. D4P120 power boards are capable of controlling up to two 2D51 sensors. Pendant mounted in a standard electrical box within ducts, the twist-in/twist-out heads allow easy removal from bases for quick cleaning and maintenance. 2D51 heads can be locally tested using a magnet or by using the test/reset pushbutton on the D4P120 power board.

Features & Benefits:
– Low standby current
– Two LEDs blink in standby
– Field sensitivity metering of the detector to meet the requirements of NFPA 72 with the use of RTS2/RTS2-AOS and SENS-RDR
– Designed for mounting on a standard electrical box
– SEMS screws for easy wiring and positive wire retention
– Removable cover and insect screen for field cleaning
– Remote push button test/reset, LEDs provide visual indications
– Onboard supervisory and alarm relays
– Accepts 24 or 120V supply voltage
– Interconnect up to 100 units for common functions

– UL Listed
– FM Approved


System Sensor