LCD-E3 Keypad Display


Keypad Display, 80-Character LCD, 24V DC

LCD-E3 keypad displays provide indicating LEDs and operating switches for the main panel display of the E3 SeriesĀ® expandable emergency evacuation system. Up to six displays may be locally or remotely located from the fire alarm control panel (FACP) via a local RS-485 serial interface.

Features & Benefits:

– 80-character display of system events together with indicating LEDs and control switches
– Backlit LED display with low power consumption
– Switch indicators include alarm acknowledge, system reset/lamp test, signal silence, and trouble acknowledge
– LED indicators include AC power on, alarm, supervisory, system trouble, power fault, and system silence


– UL Listed: S1869; UL 864, 10th Edition
– FM Approved: 3025415
– MEA FDNY: COA# 6077
– CSFM: 7165-1703-0125
– City of Chicago: Class 1, Class 2, and High Rise
– City of Denver
– ISO 9001 Certification