MMO-6SF Multi-Mod – 6 Signal Output


Multi-Mod 6 zone interface module, 15-32V DC, 2.25 mA, 25 Ohm

ThemmO-6SF connects to the signaling line circuits (SLC) of the Gamewell-FCI analog addressable series fire alarm control panels. Each of themmO-6SF supervised control circuits occupies its own address on the system’s SLC that allows each to be fully programmable in its control-by-event sequence of operation. The address of the first supervised output circuit is set with a pair of rotary dials. Each remaining circuit is automatically assigned to its own subsequent address. ThemmO6SF module includes an address disable jumper matrix that allows one, two, or three addresses to be turned off to free these addresses for other purposes. An additional jumper setting selects either Style Y or Style Z circuit configurations. A wide range of configurations is possible including 30V DC, audio input at 25 or 70.7 VRMS, 125V AC, etc. More than one circuit can share a power supply if the current capacity does not exceed the power supply’s output.

Features & Benefits:

– Terminal blocks can accommodate 12 to 18 AWG wire
– Contains external power monitoring
– Provides a flexible jumper configuration feature that allows up to three output circuit addresses to be disabled
– Accommodates multiple external power inputs
– Short circuit protection of external power supplies
– Sources providing AC, DC, or audio inputs
– Designed for use with Gamewell-FCI analog addressable series fire alarm control panels


– CSFM: 7300-1703:0124
– FM: 3023594
– ISO 9001 Certification
– MEA FDNY: 219-02-E Vol. IV
– UL: S1913