MS-7 Series Manual Fire Alarm Pull Station


Fire Alarm Pull Station, Dual Action, Velocity addressable

The Gamewell-FCI, MS-7 Series manual fire alarm pull stations are available in a wide variety of configurations. The pull stations comply with the Americans with Disabilities

Act (ADA) 5-lb. maximum pull force requirement. Operating instructions and Braille

text are engraved on the handle. All pull stations include a key lock/reset which is keyed

like with the Gamewell-FCI fire alarm control panels and other manual fire alarm pull stations.

Features & Benefits:

– Addressable stations compatible with all Gamewell-FCI analog addressable fire alarm controls
– Conventional stations suitable for use with any UL® Listed control panel
– Both single and double action stations are available
– Tumbler lock for test and reset keyed alike with Gamewell-FCI controls
– Surface or semi-flush mounting
– Shock and vibration resistant
– Stations (MS-7LOB) Listed for outdoor applications
– Complies with ADA pull force requirements
– *Note: Only the red LED is operative in panels that do not operate in Velocity® mode.


– UL: S2465
– FM: 3023594
– MEA FDNY: 67-02-E Vol. VII
– 7160-1703:0119
– 7160-1703:0170
– 7160-1703:0109
– ISO 9001 Certification