RK-MCU INTEVIO Master Control Unit


RK-MCU INTEVIO master control units are the central management device of the INTEVIO PA/VA system, which is used to manage and monitor all devices and perform various operations. RK-MCU INTEVIO master control units provide audio storage, broadcast, zone control, monitoring, timing control, and fault diagnosis functions. The built-in 500W Class D digital power amplifier can drive up to eight loudspeaker lines to meet requirements for smaller PA/VA applications. It can also be connected to zone expanders to increase system capacity for the requirements of large applications.

Features & Benefits:

– View system status and set the parameters via LCD screen
– Supports both single-channel mode and dual-channel mode
– Flexible power amplifier redundancy; one spare amplifier can back up all amplifiers in the system
– Built-in 1GB flash memory and 4GB SD card, which can be used to store audio files, recording files, configuration data and log files, etc
– Digital volume control, easy to set input and output volume
– 255 broadcast priorities can be set as required
– Built-in loudspeaker to monitor the audio signal of two channels
– Supports 3-wire and 4-wire volume controller
– Capable to be integrated with a third-party system, like a fire alarm system through dry contact or RS-485 interface
– Built-in standard configuration allows it to be used directly after installation; the function also can be set via configuration software

– CE
– CB
– UL