ZX Series External Printer

SKU: 795-060-002

External printer. 230Vac requires 6V 1.1Ah battery (not supplied). 170 x 400 x 135mm (H x W x D)The Morley-IAS 40-character external printer is a self-contained printer with a built-in power supply and battery charger that can be connected to the ZX series control panels to provide hard copy documentation of the events as displayed by the fire alarm control panel. The external printer comes complete with its own enclosure to house the communication electronics and the backup batteries and can be mounted on a wall. The external printer can be driven directly from Port A on the ZX series panels when used as a local printer near the panel. Alternatively, it can be connected to the RS485 peripheral bus (Port D) to provide remote printer capability. Up to 31 remote printers can be connected to an RS485 bus. An RS485 communication card must be fitted in the ZX series control panel if a remote printer option is required. When the external printer is connected to a master or to a superior master panel, all events across the system can be printed on that particular printer. When connected to a slave panel the printer will print only the events indicated on the local panel. The user can select the specific message types to be printed on an external printer using the printer configuration jumpers.

Features & Benefits:
– Self-Contained 42 Character Printer
– RS485 peripheral bus for remote printer capability
– Wall Mount
– Printer configuration jumpers for the selection of specific message types