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Listening carefully and really paying attention to what the user is saying will help a technician to fully understand the problem and lead to solving it much quicker. The interaction between a user and the technician should be a positive experience for the end user. If you run an organization of IT staff serving users, you may want to consider specialized software so your team can stay at the top of their game. The introduction of new technology like this often requires extensive training so that everyone is on the same page. You will also need to ensure your team is up to date and prepared to handle any questions a user may throw at them. Most help desk analysts work with specialized software like Jira to optimize operations.

  • And by prominently displaying your contact information, the header makes it quick and easy for recruiters to get in touch with you.
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  • This will help you maintain your calm and establish a connection with them.
  • Incorporate skills – like Hardware Support, Troubleshooting and Operating Systems – into your work experience too.

Zippia allows you to choose from different easy-to-use Services Desk Technician templates, and provides you with expert advice. Using the templates, you can rest assured that the structure and format of your Services Desk Technician resume is top notch. Choose a template with the colors, fonts & text sizes that are appropriate for your industry. Handled incoming e-mails and phone calls, and kept records of all reports through a custom task management system. Modify and troubleshoot all user windows accounts and Outlook distribution list using Microsoft Active Directory. Nicholas Morpus is the product management software expert for The Ascent, with experience working in the B2B space.

Help desk tier 1 responsibilities

Generally speaking, a help desk engineer technician should be good at interacting with people, have comprehensive technical skills, and be able to follow procedures. The range of problems handled by IT help desk staff vary by employer and industry. Some work for large software companies or tech support providers, advising clients that use business-specific programs. Others work in call centers, providing step-by-step practical assistance, or in retail settings where computer products are sold. Being a part of a help desk team often means you need to work together and collaborate with other technicians to solve problems. When you have new members joining the team, they may not be as well equipped in terms of their knowledge as compared to their seniors and this will require teamwork and training.

  • This means customer requests are handled more quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide troubleshooting of Windows and Macintosh operating systems with air cards and tethering devices.
  • Probably the best way to catch that hiring manager’s attention is by showing that you’re continually bettering yourself as an environmental service technician.

This requires strong organizational skills and the help of a task management system. You can mention your familiarity with tools like Jira, ClickUp, or Trello in your resume. Incorporate skills – like Hardware Support, Troubleshooting and Operating Systems – into your work experience too. Go through the Help Desk Technician posting you’re applying to, and identify hard skills the company is looking for. For example, skills like System Administration, Technical Support and Windows are possible skills. This person feels responsible not only for their own tasks, but also cares about their team’s workload, too. They know when to ask for and offer help, and understand how much they can take on at a time.

Top 10 Most Sought After Service Desk Skills: What to Expect in 2017?

Some of them handle advanced issues while others focus on basic setup tasks and lower-level troubleshooting. That is precisely the work of an entry-level IT help desk specialist since they don’t have extensive experience on their resume. The second most common hard skill for a services desk technician is customer service appearing on 14.3% of resumes. Employment of help desk technicians and computer support specialists is expected to increase by 9% from 2020 to 2030, just about inline with the 8% average for all occupations. Demand for help desk technicians will rise as organizations continue to implement the latest and greatest computer systems to reduce long-term costs and foster a competitive advantage. An excellent place to start when it comes to delivering effective customer service is equipping your rockstar support team with the right skills.


Collaboration enables them to deliver value and should not be overlooked. Remote IT help desk technicians provide technical support over the phone or Web. An excellent Help desk technician must have good technical knowledge and be able to communicate effectively to understand the problem and explain its solution. They must also be customer-oriented and patient to deal with difficult customers.

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Provide technical customer service support for all business applications including enterprise and division/departmental applications as well as hardware environment. Any career path that revolves around problem-solving requires empathy. I learned very quickly as a technical specialist for Apple how little the average person understands about their devices and the software running them.

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