Addressable wireless transceiver and protocol converter

Functional Features

The device is able receive and convert from radio signal to Teledata protocol and vice versa. Thanks to FD2W you can add modules and detectors to loop, without to use wire, thanks to wireless technology. The device is able to address wireless devices.

Technical Features
• Maximum number of wireless devices: 32 (with up to 16 output
type modules)
• Maximum number of expanders connected: 7
• Communication to devices thanks to wireless technology
• Transmission range 200 meters free space and 600 meters with
• Programmable to query the devices from 12 seconds to 2 min.
• Programmable with a PC
• Powered by the central loop, 18V -40V
• Typical current 20mA Load
• Operating Frequency: 868.15-869.85 MHz

Functional Features

Wireless addressable fire detection
• Output power 5dBm (3mW)
• Modulation Type: FSK
• Radio Poll Interval: 12 sec. to 12 min.
• Number of channels: 7
• Operating temperature: -30 to +50 ° C
• Humidity: from 5% to 90%
• IP 51C
• Dimensions without antenna mm 120x160x51
• antennas Number: 2
• antenna size 74 mm
• Weight 300g