Multi-Criteria Dual Optical and Thermal detector with short circuit isolator

Functional Features
The OneDetector Multi-Criteria Dual Optical and Thermal detector is the latest in smoke detector technology. The first ever detector approved with three standards EN54-5, EN54-7, and EN54-29. Part 29 is the new standard of Fire Detectors defining the requirements for multiple sensor detectors

The OneDetector ensures an analysis of air condition and temperature of the protected area, and immunity to false alarms utilizing the dual-path optical smoke detection technologies and algorithms designed for the EN54-29 for improved performance. The 360° visible LED with three different colors signals a condition of alarm (red), fault (yellow), and localization (green).
Each detector is provided with an integrated isolator circuit, that automatically takes action. The address can be programmed by the touch-screen digital programmer or with the addressing function of Teledata panels. It is provided with tools for base numbering and locking pins against unwanted removal to provide the highest level of safety and system reliability.

Technical Features
• Low profile thermal and thermovelocimetric smoke detector to be combined with ONEBASE
• Thermovelocimetric function at 58°C
• Thermal function at 78°C
• Built with multicolored plastic material, modern design.
• It can be programmed to operate at 58°C or 78°C
• Built with ABS plastic material with stabilized UV,
• Modern and compact design, low aesthetical impact
• Integrated self-adapting function, to suit environmental changes
• Remote LED control option
• Power supply: 18-35V • Average current consumption: 90 μA
• IP40 degree of protection
• Maximum current consumption remote LED: 15mA
• Operating temperature: –30°C + 70°C
• Max humidity: 95% non-condense • Height: 48mm with base
• Diameter: 92mm • Weight with base: 120g