Input and Output Micromodule with short circuit isolator

Functional Features
Using these devices it is possible to interface the loop with different systems or to activate, by means of output modules, any type of output (sounders, light signals, fire doors electromagnets, etc.). Reduced dimension permits device installation in any environment type. Devices are provided with integrated short circuit isolators, and addresses can be programmed
by means of the programmer or with the addressing function of Teledata smoke detection panels.

Technical Features
• Monitored input able to detect different thresholds
• Average current consumption: 120 μA
• LED current consumption: 6mA (24V- line)
• Provided with integrated isolator circuit
• Relay output: 30Vdc 2°
• Operating temperature: –30°C + 70°C • Max. humidity.: 95% non-condensing
• Max. Cable cross-section 2.5 mm²
• Power supply: 18-35V
• Dimensions:58x28x15 mm
• Weight: 13g